Release Notes - Studio 4.8

December 2nd, 2021 (4.8.11)

  • FIXED [Storage summary] [System settings] Storage summary is sometimes displayed incorrectly in system settings.

  • FIXED [Export] Client review PDF export does not rendered correctly.

November 11th, 2021 (4.8.8)

  • FIXED [Database] [OnPrem] MariaDB Galera replication issues with triggers.

November 1th, 2021 (4.8.7)

  • CHANGED [Lists] Editing rows directly under lists in the web UI is now available again.

  • FIXED [Client review] Transferred annotations are missing after transferring again.

October 18th, 2021 (4.8.6)

  • CHANGED [Custom attribute links] Improved search when using the custom attribute links entity picker.

  • FIXED [Job] Deleting a job also deleted the components associated with the job.

  • FIXED [Storage] Triggers used to calculate storage usage could cause dead lock.

October 8th, 2021 (4.8.5)

  • CHANGED [LDAP] Better error message when adding or updating user with already existing email or user name.

  • CHANGED [cineSync Play] Changed name of desktop player to cineSync Play and have setting available by default.

October 4th, 2021 (4.8.4)

  • FIXED [Player] Added support for new desktop player cineSync Play.

September 23th, 2021 (4.8.3)

  • FIXED [Overview] Using project filter on Asset version views result in error.

  • FIXED [API] Creating components can sometimes result in a database exception.

September 22th, 2021 (4.8.2)

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] [Overview] Error when filtering on custom attributes in Overview.

  • FIXED [Outliner] Ctrl/Cmd click causes outliner tree to expand forever.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] Error when using unicode characters in expression attribute.

  • FIXED [Tasks page] Fixed issue with rendering grouped dates with wrong timezone.

September 15th, 2021 (4.8.1)

  • NEW [Custom attributes] [Overview] Custom attribute links now supports filtering and displaying "from" relations in Overview.

  • FIXED [Overview] Dates displayed in overview doesn't account for time zone.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] [Entity picker] Dates show alt text with '[Object object]' on hover.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] [Entity picker] Long names break entity picker layout.

September 6th, 2021 (4.8.0)

  • NEW [Custom attributes] New custom attribute link type is now generally available and nog longer an experimental feature. There are some changes to it after graduating from experimental, read the migration notes if you have already started using this feature.

  • NEW [API] [Actions] [Form] New option `force_selection` added to the enumerator dropdown list form widget. When set to true the user may only select one of the

    predefined options.

  • FIXED [Export] [PDF] Chinese characters not displayed correctly when exporting a pdf.

  • FIXED [Web player] Web player can expire very soon after it has been started.

  • FIXED [Tasks page] [Versions page] Filter button is now bigger and easier to click.

  • FIXED [API] Exception when using default projections for UserType.

  • FIXED [CSV] [Import] Improved the reliability of csv importer, and clearified import issues.

  • FIXED [Audit] [Login] Non-ascii/Unicode username breaks audit logger at login.

  • FIXED [Review] Unable to upload media to a review after switching from ftrack review to ftrack studio.

  • FIXED [Player] Fixed layout issues in Chrome.

  • CHANGED [Authentication] User may now log in using either email or username in the login form.

  • CHANGED [Storage] The instances column was removed from the custom attributes list view in system settings.

  • CHANGED [Storage] Storage usage for each location is now displayed on the Location configuration page.

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