Release Notes - Studio 4.12

October 25, 2023 (4.12.6)

  • FIXED Permission error when combining restricted user role and project roles.

October 18, 2023 (4.12.5)

  • FIXED Migration can sometimes fail.

September 21, 2023 (4.12.4)

  • FIXED Not able to use V4 signature with OSS storage.
  • FIXED External thumbnail scaling service not working as expected.
  • FIXED Help links in studio pointing to the old documentation.

September 4, 2023 (4.12.3)

  • FIXED Timer start is moved after reloading page.
  • FIXED Red license warning is shown for all users, not just admins.
  • CHANGED Media encoding will now retry downloading of media if storage is unreliable.

July 6, 2023 (4.12.2)

  • FIXED Email notifications sometimes appear empty for languages other than English.

July 3, 2023 (4.12.1)

  • FIXED Performance regression

June 28, 2023 (4.12.0)

  • NEW Added filters in system settings
  • NEW New sidebar is on by default
  • NEW Multipart uploads when using S3 storage.
  • NEW Basic support for audio files
  • NEW Userview is now available via API
  • NEW Transfer client review labels
  • NEW Allow managing overview dashboards from system settings.
  • NEW Add support for ObjectTypes through API.
  • NEW Allow setting the number of decimals to use on a custom attribute.
  • NEW Basic support for group by aggregations in API
  • FIXED Creating Shot objects via API can sometimes be slow
  • FIXED Notifications can sometimes be wrong
  • FIXED Can not delete component in server location
  • FIXED Export issue with custom attribute enums
  • FIXED object_type_id needs to be set when creating objects via API
  • FIXED Restricted user can split tasks
  • FIXED Security fixes and improvements
  • FIXED Create note via API requires object update permissions
  • FIXED Filtering on custom attributes does not handle timezones properly
  • FIXED Filtering in reports not working as expected
  • FIXED Update license terms link on login page 
  • FIXED  Security fixes
  • FIXED  Collaborator can not see thumbnails
  • FIXED  Sidebar double scroll bars on linux os mac os
  • FIXED  Mixpanel update fixes
  • FIXED  Legacy API error
  • FIXED  Compact Task Columns disables editing on blank attributes
  • FIXED  csv import display error messages for users
  • FIXED Some event are missing project id.
  • FIXED Server error on duplicate name when editing in sidebar.
  • FIXED Roles can be deleted even if they are used.
  • FIXED Hidden projects are shown in recent projects.
  • FIXED Can not open review without manage permission.
  • FIXED Invalid permissions required when updating tasks.
  • FIXED Empty Split Parts column is visible to users.
  • FIXED Issue sorting notes by date in overlay player
  • FIXED Split tasks get wrong dates in dialog when opening from info tab
  • FIXED Cannot load client review dashboards in overview.
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