Release Notes - Studio 4.13

December 11, 2023 (4.13.17)

  • FIXED Fullscreen mode hides player toolbar (frontend/v16.1.2)
  • FIXED Missing permissions on ProjectScheme and related entities (ftrack-server/v4.14.0-current.5)
  • NEW Update how available tasks is populated (frontend/v16.1.3)
  • FIXED SocialEvent and Social Feed entity not always the same time (ftrack-server/v4.13.17)
  • FIXED Better handling of retries for csv import jobs (ftrack-server/v4.13.17)
  • FIXED Data exported from the Tasks Spreadsheet sometimes gives empty rows. (ftrack-server/v4.14.0-current.7)

November 24, 2023 (4.13.13)

  • FIXED Fix LDAP login issue.

November 23, 2023 (4.13.12)

  • FIXED Fix permission-related issue for restricted users.
  • FIXED Fix issue in review with Sequence Component.

November 22, 2023 (4.13.10)

  • FIXED Compatibility issues with RV integration.
  • FIXED AD authentication failing.
  • FIXED Audit logging not working as expected.

November 21, 2023 (4.13.9)

  • FIXED user_id type missing in API schema for UserView.
  • FIXED SAML not redirecting properly with https/http.

November 13, 2023 (4.13.7)

  • CHANGED Remove Project plan and resources schedule (ftrack-server/v4.13.2)
  • FIXED Save as does not set correct filename (ftrack-server/v4.13.5)
  • FIXED DropdownSelector does not save correct value (frontend/v16.1.0)
  • FIXED Create dashboard modal error persists despite view is changed (frontend/v16.1.0)
  • NEW Breadcrumbs are cut off in sidebar (again) (frontend/v16.1.0)
  • NEW Manage user sessions via API (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.13)
  • FIXED Project id is required when creating objects via the API (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.13)
  • NEW Added week division lines when viewing at month level to the Gantt view. (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.11)
  • CHANGED Remove support for mariadb 5.5 (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.11)
  • NEW Display alphanumeric sort for playlist in client review (frontend/v16.0.6)
  • CHANGED Removed Notes board from Overview (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.17)
  • FIXED Refreshing page for an external reviewer shows login page (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.17)
  • NEW Add aggregation information to API reference (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.18)
  • FIXED It is possible to break Overview and new Web Player by removing https from allowed widget urls (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.18)
  • FIXED saml with empty RelayState (ftrack-server/v4.13.0-current.19)
  • FIXED Unable to create project groups from api.
  • FIXED Updated link to help docs.
  • NEW Add a zoom level between week and month.
  • FIXED Bugfixes and improvements.
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