Release Notes - Studio 4.10

September 29th, 2022 (4.10.3)

  • FIXED [Report] Time tracking report can sometimes include data from the day before the filter.

August 23th, 2022 (4.10.2)

  • FIXED [Client review] [Experimental] [Security] Wrong image can appear in the PDF export when the new experimental client review player is enabled.

August 18th, 2022 (4.10.1)

  • CHANGED [API] [Query] Allow two levels of nested subqueries.

  • FIXED [Status permission rules] [API] Status transition rules not working correctly together with roles of the type ASSIGNED and API.

June 30th, 2022 (4.10.0.current.23)

  • FIXED [Performance] Thumbnails occasionally load slowly, causing slowdowns when many thumbnails are presented on the same page.

June 29th, 2022 (4.10.0.current.22)

  • FIXED [Status permission rules][Spreadsheet] Status permission rules are taken into account when applying default statuses for tasks and asset versions.

  • FIXED [Theme] Switching theme is only partly applied before a page reload.

June 17th, 2022 (4.10.0.current.21)

  • FIXED [New web player] Sorting notes feedback section filter selection does not persist.

  • FIXED [Overview][Scheduler] No feedback when attempting to edit tasks with split parts from timeline view.

  • FIXED [Player] Empty state icon has the wrong font-size and color.

June 16th, 2022 (4.10.0.current.20)

  • NEW [Events] A client token is now included in the events from browsers to allow targeting a specific browser tab when using "ftrack.action.trigger-user-interface" event.

June 16th, 2022 (4.10.0.current.19)

  • NEW [Split tasks] Add support for split tasks as a beta that can be turned on from System Settings > Advanced > Experimental.

  • NEW [Client review] New experimental setting for client review player. Enable in system settings to try the upcoming version of the client review interface with an improved workflow for notes and annotations, ghosting, flip and flop, redesigned toolbar, larger media window, collapsible sidebar and more.

  • NEW [Enterprise][Status permissions] New experimental setting for Status permissions available on the Enterprise plan. Enable it to try status permissions, allowing administrators to control how different roles may transition between statuses.

  • NEW [New web player] New experimental setting for new web player. Enable it in system settings to try the upcoming version of the player experience when playing versions and lists and selections.

  • CHANGED [Player] Disabled annotation tools for reference media in player compare mode.

  • CHANGED [Player] Replace "Review" context menu and buttons with "Play" and "Play with...".

  • CHANGED [Settings] Rename "Review settings" to "Review & player settings" and "Default player" to "Preferred player"

  • CHANGED [Entity picker] Improved performance of entity picker by caching queries.

  • CHANGED [Gantt][Theme] Update Gantt theme and styling.

  • CHANGED [Security settings] Changing password, and configuring two-factor authentication and API keys can now be done from a new "Security settings" page under My account.

  • CHANGED [API] Add thumbnail_source_id as property to ReviewSession and TypedContext.

  • FIXED [Gantt] Impossible to read second line of Gantt tooltips in some situations.

  • FIXED [Import] Creation order for objects could be resolved incorrectly during import.

  • FIXED [Overview] User cards glitches on selection in Overview.

  • FIXED [Player] Items in the link overflow menu are not clickable.

  • FIXED [Spreadsheet][Filter] Filtering on task start/due dates is not always returning correct results in certain timezones.

  • FIXED [Studio] Link to try ftrack Review should not be displayed for Studio.

April 27th, 2022 (4.10.0.current.15)

  • NEW [Gantt] Support multi-select resize of tasks in the Gantt. All selected tasks will be resized with the same number of days/hours.

  • NEW [Spreadsheet] [Note columns] Add support to switch author and date on/off for note columns in Versions and Tasks Spreadsheet.

  • CHANGED [Player] Display active media and navigation in player header when using mobile layout.

  • CHANGED [Player] Player no longer persists the selected version for a playlist group across reloads.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Wrong hover colors are used in timeline view.

  • FIXED [Player] Review player version selector arrow has wrong color on hover.

  • FIXED [PDF Export] Escape curly braces in fields that broke PDF exports.

  • FIXED [Client review] Server error when adding AssetVersion to review with non ascii chars in the name.

  • FIXED [CustomAttributeLink] Fail to update Link Custom Attributes r/w permission setting.

  • FIXED [API] [UI] Ensure there are not whitespace characters in user email and username.

  • FIXED [Player] Join sync button can be toggled pressing space button.

  • FIXED [Player] Unable to view large annotations when clicking on timeline marker.

  • FIXED [Player] [Version Upload] Version upload indicator in the player is misaligned.

  • FIXED [Player] Navigation and version dropdown not working correctly in mobile.

  • FIXED [Collaborator] ftrack icon is not correct light color.

  • FIXED [Collaborator] The background color in the collaborator UI is off.

  • FIXED [Player] More buttons size and alignment in vertical playlist and asset version view are off.

  • FIXED [Workflow] [System Settings] Removing all statuses and / or priorities would cause ftrack to not load.

  • FIXED [Api] [Schema] Fix incorrect api schema definitions on the following entities Project, DashboardResource and ReviewSession.

March 14th, 2022 (4.10.0.current.7)

  • NEW [Client reviews] Added ability to arrange client reviews into folders.

  • CHANGED [Widget] Performance improvements to task status widget.

  • CHANGED [Jobs] Long running jobs are automatically set to failed status after 12 hours. Custom jobs created via the API are not failed automatically.

  • FIXED [Player] [Sync] Sync button gets disabled without explaining that sync limit is reached.

  • FIXED [Internal] [Player] Set Note.frame_number if available in API schema.

  • FIXED [Player] Error when loading player after resorting playlist items and then replacing contents.

  • FIXED [Player] New items added to playlist after resorting may not be visible until changing group by option.

  • FIXED [API] [OnPrem] API Key usage failed due to database incompatibility.

  • FIXED [Review] [Note] [Component] Attachments from transferred review notes are deleted if the version is removed from the session.

March 3rd, 2022 (4.10.0.current.5)

  • FIXED [API reference] Help -> API Reference renders a blank page.

March 2nd, 2022 (4.10.0.current.4)

  • NEW [Player] Added mute all participants button to player interface.

  • NEW [Player] Added zoom controls to Player.

  • FIXED [Player] Player progress bar has wrong colors.

  • FIXED [Player] Note attachment background has the wrong color.

  • FIXED [Overview] Event tooltip is hard to read in light theme.

  • FIXED [Player] Fixed player navigation on mobile devices.

  • FIXED [Card] Hovering over a Card glitches and shows wrong colors.

  • FIXED [Review] Server error when transferring feedback.

  • FIXED [Importer] Import data summary page is limited to 100 items when updating data.

  • FIXED [Client review] [Transfer feedback] Transferred notes appear as written by collaborators even if setting to transfer as collaborator is turned off.

  • FIXED [Overview] Unable to add decimal values as event estimate.

  • FIXED [Review] Fixed review PDF generation for notes with external collaborators.

  • FIXED [Overlay player] "webm" media would not play in the overlay player.

  • CHANGE [Cross-project views] Update design of attribute listing in card views.

  • CHANGE [Player] Small images will be enlarged instead of being displayed at native size.

  • CHANGE [API] When resetting a api key through the "reset_remote" operation it now defaults to only resetting the users "personal" api key.

February 2nd, 2022 (4.10.0.current.1)

  • NEW [Theme] Updated color palette for the dark and light themes.

  • FIXED [System settings] Unclear that you need to press save after re-ordering items in system settings.

  • FIXED [Reports] Overlays and export options are hard to find in user and project breakdown reports.

  • FIXED [Player] Download button in the player toolbar is visible when turned off in Review Settings.

  • FIXED [Overview] Events sometimes disappear from the schedule.

  • FIXED [Overview] Numbers show a leading 0 even if you change the value.

  • FIXED [Security] Security-related improvements.

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