Configuring Advanced Settings

Please note: User's Role must have Global Permissions > Manage Settings toggled on to make these changes.


Advanced settings can be found under System settings > Advanced > Advanced Settings.


Here you can specify the default value for:

  • Date format - Dates will appear in the specified format in spreadsheets and reports.

d: The day of the month, from 01 through 31.
D: The abbreviated name of the day of the week.

m: The month, from 01 through 12.
M: The abbreviated name of the month.

y: The year, from 0 to 99.
Y: The year as a four-digit number. 

  • Time format - Time values will appear in the specified format in spreadsheets and reports.

h: The hour, using a 12-hour clock from 01 to 12.
H: The hour, using a 24-hour clock from 0 to 23.

Minute: The minute, from 0 through 59.

Seconds: The second, from 0 through 59. 

  • Default file protocol - When opening a file from the browser, ftrack will use the given protocol as a fallback. 
  • Version number padding - Adds leading zeros to version numbers for displaying purposes, making the formatted result at least this many digits. 
  • Automatic version numbers - Automatic version numbers will, when enabled, try to detect any version numbers specified as part of the filename when files are uploaded.
  • Automatic thumbnail population - When enabled, objects without a thumbnail will get the thumbnail from the closest parent with a thumbnail. 
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