Connect 2 Supported Versions

ftrack Connect & the Connect Framework provides tight integration with several industry-standard applications like cineSync, Nuke, Maya, Adobe, and others.

Below you will find a list of currently supported add-ons that work in Connect.

Please note:

  • This documentation is specific to Connect 2.
  • We are currently in the middle of a technology transition. Therefore some integrations are not yet supported but will be considered.


This guide provides an overview of the currently supported ftrack Studio plugins, their compatible versions, and installation locations. Plugins marked with "[pipeline]" are compatible with the Connect pipeline framework, soon to be legacy and will not be maintained. Documentation to come when Connect 3 and the New Framework launches in April 2024


2022-12-16_14-21-38.jpg cineSync 5

Versions: 5


Foundry Nuke Studio Hardware Recommendations | AnimationTechNuke [pipeline]

Variations: NukeX, Studio, Hiero

Versions: 13, 14, 15

Note: The plugin covers both Nuke Studio and Hiero under the name "nuke-studio".


Tales From Pipeline - hieroHiero ( Nuke [pipeline] )

Versions: 13+

Autodesk 3D Maya computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering  software - EngineerSupply Maya [pipeline]

Versions: 2022, 2023


RV: Shotgun/Autodesk (@shotgunRV) / X RV

Versions: 2020+


2022-12-16_14-24-43.jpg Deadline

Versions: 7+

Download: Deadline integration location


2022-12-16_14-25-58.jpg3ds Max [pipeline]

Versions: 2022


2022-12-16_14-25-13.jpg Houdini [pipeline]

Versions: 18.5


2022-12-16_14-26-21.jpg Unreal Engine [pipeline]

Versions: 5.1

Tip: You can access most of these ftrack Studio integrations listed above via the Plugin Manager in ftrack Connect. (Download ftrack Connect to access and launch all plugins.)

  • Learn how to install and update plugins used by ftrack Connect to integrate with third-party applications here.

  •   You can also check our public roadmap to follow the integrations we are working on.
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