Deployment Checkup

Ensuring your on-prem ftrack setup is healthy, is not only important from an operational perspective but also from a business point of view. Hosting on-prem means it is your responsibility to make sure that ftrack stays operational and that you can recover from a disaster.

There is a lot to consider when setting up and maintaining ftrack - here is a list of the most important topics:

1. Have backups

Having backups of your data is the most important part. Without backups, it is impossible to restore production data after a disaster. Read more about backups here.

2. Verify your backups

Verify your backups on a regular basis to make sure you can restore from backups. Consider how often you backup your data and test how long it takes to restore from a backup to see if this aligns with your overall recovery goals and accepted downtime together with dataloss. Read more about RPO and RTO here.

3. Staging server

Always upgrade a staging server first and verify that all your workflows and tools built around ftrack are still working as expected before upgrading your production server. Keep the staging server similar to the production server and based on a recent backup to avoid any surprises when upgrading the production server.

4. Enable https

Always enable https on production servers. Using http means that information such as passwords are sent in plain text and can easily be read by an attacker. Read more here.

5. Configuration

Always configure your database based on our recommendation to ensure you get the best possible ftrack experience. Read more here.



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