Adding Users and Creating Groups

Your workspace is starting to take shape! Now it's time to organize your team, so you have people to assign your Tasks to.

Go to System settings > Resources > Users and Groups.


Adding your Team

Walk through the article below to populate your workspace with your Users. 


Tip: Uncheck the Enabled checkbox if you aren't ready for your new Users to log in. Once you have completed setup, you can re-enable them by checking the checkbox on.


Creating Team Groups

Grouping your team can organize your users in a way that makes sense for your projects and workflows. A common way of using groups is to place your users into their respective departments.

  • A Group can be used in the address fields of Notes so you can quickly share information with the people that need to know.
  • You can assign a Group to Objects (not including Tasks and Milestones) to designate responsibility to a particular team.
  • You can also filter a spreadsheet by Group to drill down on data relevant to that group

Review the article below to learn about grouping your team.

Optional: Intermediate & Advanced Login

If you would like to use an alternate sign-in method besides the standard ftrack username/email and password, you can take a look at the choices below:

Next, we will learn about User Roles, which are the permissions each user has to access content within your workspace.



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