Managing Objects in the Tasks Spreadsheet

Please note: You need project manager permissions to be able to manage objects.


Editing Objects

When you’re working in a spreadsheet, you can usually just double-click any value to start editing it (as long as it has a pen icon to the right in the cell when moving your mouse over it).


You can also click the name of the object to bring in the sidebar from the right. From the sidebar’s Info tab, you’re able to change all properties on the selected object.


Deleting Objects

To delete an object, open it’s sidebar, click the More button at the top, and select Delete in the menu that appears.


Copying and Pasting Objects

Select an object and press Ctrl+C / Cmd+C to copy the item. You can also select multiple items with Shift+Select / Ctrl+Select and copy all selected items at once. To paste an object, you select an item and press Ctrl+V / Cmd+V.

Sequences can only be pasted under a project or episode, shots can only be pasted under a sequence, but tasks can be pasted anywhere.

Moving Objects

The easiest way to move objects is to drag and drop them in the spreadsheet. For instance, drag a shot to another sequence. You can select multiple objects and drag and drop all objects at once. You can also bring up the Move dialog from the right-click menu. Objects can only be moved if the “Move objects” permission is set for the user and project.

Please note: You cannot move objects between projects.

Tip:Ctrl+M / Cmd+M brings up the Move dialog.

The Move to drop-down will only show valid destinations for your selected object.


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