Managing the Project Team

Users and groups can be organized into a team on each project. Besides individual users and global groups, a team can also consist of project-specific groups only visible on each project.

Organizing the project team

Setting up the project team brings several benefits. While it provides a good overview of who is working on or will be working on a project, it also filters the assignee drop-downs by the users and the groups in the project team.

Please note: The users who show up when selecting the Assignee drop-down for a Task is being driven by a tab in the Teams view Organize team.

When this view is populated with users, the Assignee drop-down will only show users from this list. When it's empty, all users will be shown in a drop-down.

  • To show all team members of the project:

1. Enable the Team page in the project outliner.

2. Select Organize team.

3. Click All team members.



Adding a group to a team

From the same page (Team Organize team), using the Add group drop-down menu, you can add both existing global groups and new project-specific groups to the project team.


Adding an existing group

Click the Add group button on the Organize team page, and select Add existing group button, opening the Add groups dialog.

From there, select the groups and sub-groups you want to add to the project team and click the Save button when you’re done.


Please note: When displaying the list of members of a global group, you won’t be able to manage its members as that is done from System settings > Resources > Users and Groups.


Creating and adding a project-specific group

Click the Add group button on the Organize team page, and select Create project-specific group. A New group will be instantly created, enabling you to edit it's name and add members.



Renaming a project-specific group

Each New group will have a default name. Click on the group name at the top to rename the group. The name is saved automatically when clicking outside the text field.

Creating a new project-specific subgroup

If you would like to divide your group into smaller groups, click the Create subgroup button.

A new subgroup will then instantly be created under the currently selected group.


Managing users in project-specific groups

  • To add a member to the group, click the Add members button. Select the users you want to add as members to the group in the dialog that opens, and click Save when you are done.
  • To remove a member from a group, select the member in the list and click Remove members.
Please note: You can remove multiple members at once from a group by selecting more than one in the list and clicking Remove members.


Removing an existing or project-specific group from the project team

To remove a group, move your mouse over the group name in the list to the left and click the small arrow that appears to the right. Select Remove team group or Delete project specific group in the context menu to delete the group.


Adding or removing a single user as a team member

Not only groups can be added as available resources on a project.

On any of the All team members and Ungrouped members pages, you can add single users as team members by clicking the Add team members button.

To remove a team member from the list, select the member and click the Remove team members button.

Please note: If you want to remove a user from the list that is added as a member of a team, you have to remove the whole team in order to remove the user.


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