Populating the Task Spreadsheet

Now that you are familiar with the layout and functionality of the Task Spreadsheet, let’s look at how to input your own data to see your established project structure and workflow in action and begin scheduling and assigning your work.

The data you populate in your Task Spreadsheet will reflect the project workflow you created during your Planning and Preparation phase.

This data will be broken down into:

  • Objects (what you are making or your goals)
  • Tasks (the breakdown of work required to complete each of your Objects)
  • Milestones (significant dates on your project’s timeline)


a-icon.png Example of an Object: an Asset Build for a Wooden Table with the Type of "Furniture"
b-icon.png Examples of Tasks: Two tasks broken down on the same Asset Build, with the Task Types of "Modeling" and "Texture"
c-icon.png Example of a Milestone: A Milestone created on the entire Folder "Delivery 1" with the Type of "Deliverable"
Tip: The following articles will outline the different ways you can create all of this data in the Task Spreadsheet:
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