Introduction to ftrack Workspace Configuration

Configuring ftrack Studio's Workspace to your Project specifics ensures you can execute your workflows, display your data and manage your team and reviews in the most effective way to your needs.

All global Workspace configurations take place in System Settings. To access these settings, you need to have permission to do so. The initial site Administrator (Admin) is the person who created the ftrack site; they will have full Role permissions to make any changes needed. For these articles, we will assume that it is you. If not, the Admin can ensure the appropriate User has the correct Role to access System Settings by following the directions here.

What to expect

This section of articles will guide you through the basic configurations needed to start your first Project. Throughout the entire Getting Started series, we will come back to update additional settings when it’s relevant to the topic we are discussing. Any advanced configuration articles can be found within the category Administering ftrack Studio once you’ve completed the Getting Started.

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