Configuring your Workspace Summary

Great work - you're officially an Administrator! You’ve built out the basic configuration and workflow schemas for your workspace. This is an excellent start for a company of any size or complexity; for some, it may be all you need if you are not planning on using Connect or developing your own tools.

Please note: If you want to configure or learn more about Connect & Integrations, Actions, or the API, please visit their guides in the Help Center by clicking on the links provided.


In summary, here are your accomplishments for this section:

  1. Your General, Scheduling, Review & Player, and Advanced settings are configured.
  2. The setup of Task boards, Note Labels, Priorities, and List Categories is complete.
  3. You've built your workflow Schema(s) that your projects will be structured around, adding all the necessary Objects, Statuses, Types, and Asset Types you pre-planned.

What's next?

We'll show you how to add your team to the workspace and organize them into groups.

Let's head over to Organize your Team.

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