Diving into System Settings

We begin your basic Workspace configuration by making changes to:

  • General Settings (including notifications)
  • Scheduling
  • Advanced Settings (time and date display)
  • Review & Player

We will update Workflow settings last, in the articles to follow.


Enter System Settings from your Profile menu at the top right of your ftrack Workspace.



  • We recommend reviewing each of the below menu items within System Settings to ensure the settings meet your needs.
  • Any settings not mentioned are either not required for basic setup, will be mentioned in later articles in this series, or are more advanced and can be reviewed when your basic setup is complete.
  • Hover over the Screenshot_2023-02-02_at_12.16.22.png icon beside certain settings to read a description of the setting.
  • Article links further explain the settings and how to configure them if you need additional support.

Within General Settings


Custom Branding - Add your brand to Client Reviews and reports


Settings - update key display and formatting components


Notifications - Customize how you would like your team to receive email and ftrack Inbox notifications for important updates.


Within Scheduling Settings


Settings - Key scheduling settings to define your workday, workweeks, and tasking rules in the Tasks Spreadsheet and Gantt.


Log Time Reminders - Set up and customize reminders for users to log time against their Tasks.


Within Advanced Settings


Advanced Settings - Make changes to your date and time display. The default protocol, Version, and thumbnail settings will likely meet your needs for now, but you are welcome to explore the linked article further to understand the settings' relevance.


Within Review & Player Settings


Settings - Various settings to customize how you can view your media, the encoding quality of uploaded media, and how notifications and Notes are handled from the Review player and Client Reviews.


Please note: We recommend that you keep Enable legacy web player unchecked as it will soon be replaced by the new web player. All articles linked to this section are displaying an updated web player interface.

enable-legacy-web-player.jpg = best practice


Search/Filter Function

To find a specific setting in System Settings, we have introduced a search/filter function. You will find this function in any area where data is presented in a spreadsheet-like view.

To find the setting you are looking for, simply type the name in the search bar at the top of the list in System Settings, and ftrack Studio will instantly filter the list, displaying only the results that match your input.


Image: Example of the search bar in the System Settings


If you need help with any of the settings above or have questions, please get in touch with our support team at support@ftrack.com or Submit a Request.


Ready to get your Workflows organized? Let's head to the next article, where we will continue your basic Workspace configuration with Objects, Statuses, Types, and a few other handy settings.


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