Getting Started Questions

Enter the address to your ftrack server in your browser (ask your system administrator if you don’t know the address).

When the page has loaded, enter your username and password and click Sign in.



How do I change my password?

See Managing your Account.

Where can I see my assigned tasks?

To see all tasks that are assigned to you, go to the Assignments tab in your sidebar by clicking your name in the top right and selecting Profile.



I can’t log time on a task, why?

To be able to log time on a task, you have to be assigned to it (unless it’s not a task that is marked as Open for everyone on the project). If you’re not assigned to the specific task, either try to assign yourself to it or talk to your project manager to have you assigned to it.

Where can I find information about a project?

Information about a project can be found in the project sidebar. It can be opened either by searching for the project in the top right corner of ftrack or by clicking the arrow button to the right in the dashboard menu when on the project.

Can I assign myself to tasks?

If it’s enabled by your system administrator, it’s possible to assign yourself to tasks.

How do I change the status on my tasks?

A task’s status can be changed in two ways: the status column in a spreadsheet or in the task sidebar.

How do I log time in the timesheet?

The timesheet view shows all the tasks for which you have logged time during the selected week. Learn about time tracking and how to use the timesheet here.

How can I see published assets?

All published assets are listed on the Versions page, which you can find in the dashboard menu in the top. Note that the level you’re currently at in the project hierarchy affects the Versions spreadsheet.

How do I filter tasks based on status?

You can filter items in a spreadsheet in two ways: either use the quick filters above the spreadsheet or build a custom filter in the filter panel.

To activate a quick filter that filters tasks based on status, simply select an option above the spreadsheet, and the spreadsheet will be filtered immediately. To build a custom filter that filter tasks based on status, click the Filters button to the right above the spreadsheet and select Build filters in the menu. Click Add condition in one of the filter sections and select Task Status and select what to filter by.

How do I change my profile picture?

Go to your account settings by clicking your name in the top right corner of ftrack and selecting Settings in the menu. Move the mouse over the thumbnail picture and click it to open the Browse dialog. You can also drag and drop an image file to the thumbnail to change it.

How do I change the thumbnail picture of an object?

In an object’s sidebar, move the mouse over the thumbnail picture and click it to open the Browse dialog. You can also drag and drop an image to the thumbnail to change it.

How do I change multiple thumbnails at once?

To change multiple thumbnails at once, go to a spreadsheet, select the objects you would like to change thumbnails on, and then right-click and select Change thumbnails in the menu that appears.


This will open the thumbnail dialog where you can drag and drop new thumbnails to the objects.

If the object already has a thumbnail, it can be removed by clicking the cross can next to the object name.

Tip: This is also available on the Versions page.


How do I bookmark a page?

Click the heart-shaped icon in the top bar to bookmark the page currently open. To manage your bookmarks, open the bookmarks menu by clicking Bookmarks in the top bar.

How can I see the shot status in the spreadsheet?

The status column cells can be formatted to show the shot status instead of the shot progress that is the default setting on shot rows.

To change cell formatting, move the mouse over the cell header and click the small arrow to the right. Select Cell formatting No summary to change from the progress summary formatting to status formatting.

What does it mean when an item in the project tree is crossed and greyed out?

It means the item has the blocked state, i.e. a status that corresponds to the state blocked.


Do I remove the items in the list when I remove the list?

No. Only the list itself is removed. The items are not altered in any way.

What is Lists?

Lists is a way to group items of the same type together. A list can hold asset versions, shots or tasks. It has a type, an owner and can either be open or closed. A list is specific to a project and cannot be shared across projects.


What is a view?

A view is a saved, re-usable spreadsheet configuration. It’s accessed from the views button on spreadsheet pages.

Is it possible to save my spreadsheet configuration?

Yes. Views is a great way to save your spreadsheet for later use.

I don’t like my default view, can I change it?

Yes. Make the changes you like, click the views button and then Save.

Can I remove a view I don’t need?

Yes. It’s possible to remove a view. Click the views button and select Manage views, then select a view and click Remove.

Where do I rename a view?

You can rename a view from the Manage views dialog by clicking the views button in the toolbar on spreadsheet pages.

Is it possible to share a view with the team/facility?

Yes. You can either share the view with everyone or only with selected users. You can find settings for this in the Manage views dialog.

Activity feed

Where can I find the user activity feed?

The user activity feed can be found in the user sidebar for a user.

Where can I find the object activity feed?

The activity feed for an object can be found in the sidebar for an object.

Messages and notes

Can I add replies to notes?

Yes. See Using Notes

How do I add comments on tasks and assets?

Comments (or notes as referred to in ftrack) can be added via the Notes tab in the sidebar for a project or object.

Where can I see all my notes and comments?

Open the Inbox by clicking the inbox icon in the top bar.


Can I turn off email notifications?

Yes. This is the first option on the notification settings page. See Managing your Account.

What do the different notification types mean?

Daily email digests

Can I change how often I receive digests?

Yes. You can do this by changing the Set digest interval setting on the notification settings page.

Where can I modify the content of my daily digest?

To modify the content of your digest emails, go to the notification settings page. Add or remove the Include in digest e-mail option to specify if the notifications should be included or not.

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