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ftrack can be customized to manage any type of project using custom objects and schemas. Our customers use it for 2D and 3D VFX projects, game projects, and software projects. We do use ftrack ourselves for tracking software development and UX/UI design.

How does the ftrack web hosting work, and where is the server located?

Since ftrack is a cloud-based web application service it can be set up, run, and managed from almost any location in the world. For us to be able to offer the best service possible to you with the lowest data transfer latency, we set up your cloud server on a location near your physical location.

Currently, we deploy servers in data centres on five continents. If you have further questions on this or would like to know more about your options, please contact us at or visa the 'Submit a request' button.

Do you backup the data? How often?

We do a backup of all information about your projects, tasks etc. in ftrack to another physical location once per hour.

These processes are scheduled and run automatically. If a server goes down for any reason and the data becomes corrupt we will be able to restore it to the state of the latest hourly taken backup.

Can we take over the state of the trial server when we become a customer?

It is possible, yes. Please let us know in advance how you would like to do to avoid unnecessary changes to your server.

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