Managing Projects

How do I include task columns in the tasks spreadsheet?

Click the Settings button to the right in the toolbar and open the menu Attributes Tasks columns. This menu lists all task types, and by selecting attributes in the task type menus, you add them as columns to the spreadsheet.

Is it possible to not have thumbs for every task, but just a thumb for the shot?

Yes, thumbnails are inherited from their parent entities.

Is there a way to rearrange/rename shots and have all associated tasks moved?

To rearrange items in the tasks spreadsheet, the Manual sort option has to be enabled. You can find that option in the Settings menu to the right in the toolbar above the spreadsheet.

Renaming an item can be done by double-clicking the name cell in the spreadsheet and changing it or by clicking the name and changing it via the sidebar Info, that opens from the right. Tasks associated with a shot will always still be connected to the shot after you have renamed it or moved it.

How do I assign a supervisor to a project?

While on a project, click the project name in the top left corner below the top bar to open the project sidebar from the right. In the same view you can also open the sidebar by clicking the project name or left arrow button in the dashboard menu area in the top right corner below the top bar. To assign a supervisor or producer to the project, click the More button in the top of the sidebar and select Managers in the menu to bring up the Managers dialog.

What reports does ftrack support?

Currently, ftrack can generate three types of time reports. All time reports are based on hours logged by the users in the timesheet, and when generating one, you can select the date span and which projects and users to include. A time report can also be exported to a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet.

In addition to time reports, it is good to know that spreadsheets can be used as report templates and exported as they are seen. What you see is what you get applies to exported spreadsheets since filters and sorting settings are respected when exporting to external files.

If you feel limited by the built-in reports, there is a solution. Existing customers interested in other types of reports are using the Python API to get data from ftrack to generate custom reports based on specific needs.

Exporting from a spreadsheet

What export formats are available?

When exporting data from spreadsheets, you can select among three formats: PDF, Excel, and CSV.

Can I export the thumbnails with my data?

Yes. The PDF export option supports thumbnail export.

How do I export a subset of the data in the spreadsheet?

You can use filters and lists in the spreadsheet to export only the data that you want.

How do I export notes from a review session?

Given that you have all versions (assets) from the review session added to a list, you can show and export all notes written on the versions by going to the Versions page and adding the Notes List column to the spreadsheet. To export the spreadsheet, including the notes, click the Export button in the toolbar and select the format in the menu that appears.


How do I get notifications on projects I supervise?

Go to your account settings by clicking your name to the right in the top bar, selecting Settings in the menu, and then Notifications in the page menu to the left. On the notifications settings page, you can set what you want to be notified about on a detailed level as well as turning the notifications off completely.

How do I hide a project?

A project is hidden when its status is set to hidden. To change the status of a project, go to the project and bring in the sidebar for the project by clicking on its name. From the info tab in the sidebar, change the status to hidden.

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