Connect 3 Supported Integrations

ftrack Connect & the Connect Framework provides tight integration with several industry-standard applications like cineSync, Nuke, Maya, Photoshop, and others.

Below you will find a list of currently supported integrations that work in Connect.

Please note:

  • This documentation is specific to Connect 3
  • Previous versions of Connect will no longer run the latest framework integrations
  • If migrating to Connect 3 from Connect 2, please use the following guide

As of 2nd April 2024


Adobe Photoshop [framework]

Versions: CEP

Note: If running Apple Silicon, photoshop must be running in Rosetta mode


Workstations for Autodesk Maya | Puget Systems Maya [framework]

Versions: 2022, 2023


nuke.pngNuke [framework]

Variations: Nuke, NukeX

Versions: 13, 14, 15


nuke_studio.pngNuke Studio [legacy]

Versions: 15.0v1


RV: Shotgun/Autodesk (@shotgunRV) / X RV

Versions: 2020+


2022-12-16_14-24-43.jpg Deadline

Versions: 7+

Download: Deadline integration location

Tip: You can access most of these ftrack Studio integrations listed above via the Plugin Manager in ftrack Connect. (Download ftrack Connect to access and launch all plugins.)

  • Learn how to install and update plugins used by ftrack Connect to integrate with third-party applications here[link to developer hub].

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