Studio Overview

The Overview page in ftrack Studio gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything going on across different projects and departments.


Projects Views

To provide a good glimpse of all your projects, the Project page offers three different views of the projects at the studio:

  • Card view
  • List view
  • Timeline view

Projects card view:


Projects list view:


Tip: The cards and list view will show you all the projects that you’re currently tracking in ftrack. To narrow down the projects that you’re interested in, use the Filters menu that is located above the view.


Projects timeline view:

To get more details and see the timeline and complete schedule of a project, you can go to the Timeline view. The Timeline view will show you information on all projects, with calendar events, tasks, and milestones.


Tip: You can run actions from the studio overview pages. Learn more here.


Users views

To provide a good glimpse of what everyone is occupied with, providing a complete schedule of a user, including both tasks and calendar events, the Users page offers as well three different views:

  • Card view
  • List view
  • Timeline view

Users card view:


Users list view:


Users timeline view:


Tip: To narrow down a specific group of users that you’re interested in, use the Filters menu above the view.

If calendar events are used to represent leave (e.g. vacation or parental leave) it is possible to know exactly what everyone is doing and who is available for work.


Modifying the Default Views

The information seen on the card and list view, for both projects and users, can be modified to your needs. These changes can be made from the Settings menu that is located above the view:


Please note: The available settings depend on the view.


Using dashboards

Dashboards can be used to save and reuse filters and other settings in the Studio overview.

When you want to save a new dashboard or update an existing one, simply click the Save dashboard button from the filters panel.


Filtering dashboards

Example of a filter on the Projects and Users dashboard:


Example of a filter on a cross-project Tasks dashboard:


Sharing dashboards

Custom dashboards can be shared with other users. To share a custom dashboard, access the 3dot dashboard menu in the navigation panel on the left side.


1. Click the Share button, opening the Share dashboard window.


2. Choose between three different share options:

  • Only visible to you
  • To Share the dashboard with everyone
  • Share the dashboard with selected users and groups. (Use the dropdown menu for your selection)

3. Enable the checkbox of your choice and click Save to confirm the action.

Tip: Admins can also Share, Edit or Delete dashboards created by any user via System settings > Advanced > User dashboards.


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