Sign in to ftrack Studio

In this article, you will learn how to sign in to your ftrack account.

There are three different ways how you can sign in to your ftrack account:

  • Signing in with an ftrack account

  • Signing in with a Google account

  • Signing in with a 2FA

Signing in with an ftrack account

Enter the username and password provided in your welcome email or by your administrator into the login form, and click Sign in.



Signing in with a Google account

To be able to use the Google account for signing in, make sure that your ftrack administrator has enabled Google Account logins.

Tip: More information is available in Managing users via Google Apps article.

We make it easy for users to sign in using their Google Apps Account. Click on Sign in with Google.


The first time you sign in with your Google account, you need to accept that ftrack will access basic information about your account, such as email address, name, and profile picture.

That’s it. Now you can sign in using your Google account instead of a separate ftrack account.

Signing in with a 2FA

ftrack Studio supports 2FA (two-factor authentication), which can be enabled to the ftrack Studio login process, should you wish to activate it for enhanced security.

When enabled, 2FA requires a second factor to authenticate the user beyond their account password.

Tip: More information about 2FA can be found here.


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