Create an Asset Version via Publish

In some situations, you do not want to upload your files to the ftrack instance but instead, want ftrack to reference the file locally or on another storage media.

Publishing using Connect and Integrations

Connect provides a simple publisher application to support publishing files directly from your computer without the need to open another application.

We also provide various integrations which provide support for publishing versions directly within the application.

Publishing using the API

For the most flexibility, you can also publish versions via the API or use it to develop your custom integration.

Where are my files stored?

The place where your files end up depends on how you have configured your locations.

By configuring a Storage scenario, you can easily get started with publishing to your local hard drive or network-mounted storage.

Files uploaded in the ftrack web interface will automatically end up on the ftrack instance, or, more specifically, in the server location.

Tip: Learn how to choose and write your own locations in Locations.
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