Watermarking [Review Pro feature]

Please note: Watermarking is a Review Pro feature that is currently available only for the New client review player (Beta).


Watermarking is a security feature that overlays a visual monochromatic and transparent text on your digital assets. Enabling you to protect the copyright of your media content and claim its ownership, ensuring that your clients or colleagues cannot reuse it without your consent.

To enforce live Watermarking to all your Review content, go to System settings > Review & player  > Settings and enable the ‘Enable Watermarking in Review player’ checkbox.


Once enables, the visual watermark will be displayed during your Client Review Once enabled, the visual watermark will be displayed during your Client Review sessions in the corners of the image.

It visually identifies [A.] the Username, [B.] date/time, [C.] Review name, and [D.] Review ID for each participant.


In addition to enforced corner texts, you can also add a customizable watermark text [E.] that will appear in the center of the image.

To add your own text, go to System settings > Review & player > Settings and type in your ‘Watermark text.’


Tip: By enabling the ‘Require passphrase for reviews’ checkbox, you can force the collaborators to always enter a passphrase to be able to join the reviews.

  • For individual Client Reviews, you can require it from the vertical Sidebar ‘Settings’ menu.


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