Using Task boards

Tip: Task boards can be fully customized to suit your studio better. It is possible to change the number of columns, their names, and what task statuses a column represents.

  • You can customize your task boards from System settings > Workflow > Task boards page.



My Tasks

The board is a widget and part of the My Tasks dashboard/page, meaning that all tasks except those in the Available tasks column are assigned to that specific user. The first column (Available tasks) is, however, not a status column in that sense. All tasks in that column are in the Not started status and not assigned to anyone until you drag and drop them into one of the other columns.

For the tasks to be visible in the column Available tasks, they also need to have an associated calendar event. This is done on the Overview tab. Click Users, add an event where you set a name and choose a project. Add the task type and the users that should see the available tasks.

Each task board column can be sorted by common attributes independently, and all tasks in the columns can also be shown in a spreadsheet layout via the layout buttons to the right in the bottom toolbar.



The task board under Projects is a separate dashboard and can be found under the Dashboards menu. This task board can be used to get a visual overview of any part of your project, including a list, the whole project, or a single shot.


Changing the status on tasks

In addition to changing a task’s status traditionally in a spreadsheet, you can also change a status by dragging the task from one column to another in the task board. If a column is represented by more than one status, the user is prompted to select a status.

Changing task card size

The cards in the task boards can be displayed in large or small sizes. To change which mode is used, click the icon.


When using the small task card layout, some of the information is initially hidden. That information can be shown by moving the mouse cursor over the task card. The task card can be double-clicked to bring in the sidebar for the task.

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