Setting up Task Boards


The one in Projects works like any other dashboard and can be viewed for any object on the project, including lists.

Configuring Task Boards

To configure the Projects Task board, go to System settings > Workflow > Task boards

To configure the My Tasks dashboard/page, go to System settings > Workflow > My tasks

Then click Edit 


Both task boards can be configured individually, but changes will apply to all users on all projects.

The task board editor looks the same for both the Project task board and the My Tasks page, and visualizes what the board will look like.


The column furthest to the left contains unmapped statuses that will not be included in the task board.

By default, task board columns will be based on the states “Not started”, “In progress,” and “Done,” which are set per status. New task statuses that are custom created for your workflows will not be included in the columns automatically. Instead, they will appear in the “unmapped statuses” column and need to be mapped manually. 

To add an unmapped status to your task board, simply drag and drop it to the column where you would like it to appear.


Names of existing status columns can be edited, and new status columns can be added by clicking Add column.


Clicking and dragging the four-way arrow icon next to a status column will allow you to re-order them as needed, and clicking the x icon will delete the status column.


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