Managing Objects


Below are some examples of different types of projects and the objects that could be used to build their schema.

Visual Effects Simple Game Software
  • Asset build

  • Shot

  • Sequence

  • Task

  • Milestone

  • Asset build

  • Level

  • Folder

  • Task

  • Milestone

  • Epic

  • Story

  • Task

  • Milestone

To manage Objects, go to System settings > Workflow > Objects
A. Click Create to create a new object

B. Double-click a row or click the pen icon to edit or delete an object.


When you create or edit an object, you can set the following:

  • Name - The name of the object.
  • Icon - The icon that will be used for the object throughout ftrack.
  • Priority - Whether the object can have a priority.
  • Type - Whether the object can have a type.
  • Status - Whether the object can have a status.


Once your project's objects have been decided upon, they need to be added to the workflow schema used by that project.


Image: Above is an example of the objects in the VFX schema

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