Creating Review Sessions

ftrack Studio allows for content review both internally and externally.

An internal review could be team members gathered in one or multiple locations, looking at the work together, or a creative supervisor who is leaving feedback for their team members to review later.

An external review, referred to as a Client review, is a session you are sharing and/or syncing with client(s) or users who are external to your company so they can leave feedback. A Client review can be hosted independently from your ftrack workspace. Those invited do not have to be Users within ftrack.

Tip: Learn more details about the difference between internal and client reviews in Review overview.



Internal Reviews

Internal reviews can be created using direct Play, Lists and Review features in Studio. These options allow you to play versions immediately upon selection, save work to lists to come back to, or to sync Review sessions with remote team members so they can see the notes and annotations being made as they happen.

Tip: To learn how to use direct Play, Lists and Review options to create an internal review, visit Create an Internal Review.


Client Reviews

Client (external) reviews can be hosted using a Client Review, also known as a Review. This is the same functionality that has the dual purpose for internal review with remote team members, as mentioned above, but the original intent was for client review. (It just so happens to be very flexible for those remote team members as well!)

A selection of versions can be saved as a Client Review that can be shared with your client(s) via invite. The Sync feature allows your team and clients to collaborate on a Review at the same time, with a variety of tools for annotations and notes.

Tip: To learn how to create a Client Review, visit Create and Manage a Client Review.


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