Submitting Content for Review

ftrack Studio not only allows for project management and tasking of work, but also creative media review. When a creative user has task work they need reviewed, they can submit their work in a compatible image, video, or PDF format. 

There are three main ways to create a version for review:

  1. Upload a file directly within the ftrack workspace
  2. Publish file(s) using Connect
  3. Publish file(s) using the API

In this series, we will focus on uploading directly within the ftrack workspace. If you want to know more about the latter, more advanced publish options, you can refer to the linked documentation for an introduction to these features.

Uploading Media

There are 2 ways to upload media within the ftrack workspace. You can do so from a project, object (including folder), or task Sidebar Versions tab, or via the right-click menu 'Upload Media' option in the Tasks Spreadsheet.


Image: Uploading in the Sidebar Versions tab

Tip: The article below will guide you through the steps for each:
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