Approving Asset Versions

As was outlined in the Asset Review Workflow section, the outcome of your review workflow are approved versions that can be passed downstream so that work on your project can continue, or can be shipped as a deliverable. In Track and Manage Your Versions, it was shown that statuses can be edited on your versions to track the progress of this approval process, providing visibility to your entire team on where your versions are within this workflow.

In addition to updating version statuses on the Versions Page, this article walks through a few additional ways to update the statuses on your versions.

From Within the Web or Client Review Player

The info tab in both the Lightbox player and the Client Review player will display the status for not only the version in review, but the status of the associated task as well:


Image: Version and Task statuses in the Info tab of the Web Player

This will allow you to easily update both the version and task status at the same time, notifying the assignee right away of whether their work has feedback to address or is approved, without leaving your review session.

Tip: Updating the status of the task along with the status of the version will provide additional visibility on progress when looking at your Task Spreadsheet.  You may have a corresponding status to update your task to when a version receives feedback to address, such as “Retake” or “Revise”, however, if this does not work for your overall project workflow, best practice is when an approved version is the only (or last) piece of work required for that task, that associated task status is updated to reflect that all work is completed.

Please note: In the Client Review player, only ftrack users will have access to this tab and be able to update task and version statuses.


From the Transfer Feedback Page

In a Client Review session, if your participants are using the Require Changes and Approve buttons to review your versions, these can be mapped to selected statuses you are using for your versions in your workspace when you transfer your feedback after your review session.


Image: The Require Changes and Approve buttons in the Web Player

Tip: The following article walks through all the steps to transfer your feedback after a client review, including how to map your version statuses:

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