Private Projects

To create a private project in ftrack, first, go to the Projects tab and create a new project by clicking + Create new project button.

Please note: To be able to create projects and objects, you need a role with sufficient permissions.


Once creating a new project, by default, the Private access is turned off. This means that all users have access to the project, and it will show in all lists and reports. To make the project private, toggle “Private access” to ON.


If Private access is toggled ON, initially, only the creator of that project can view its content. 

If the project creator wishes other specific users to be able to view the content of the project and participate in it, they must add those users to the project.

Adding users to a Private Project

When adding users to a project, the project creator must select their role(s).

The roles available on the specific project are dependent on what user role(s) have been assigned to the user in the System settings.

Assigning a role to a specific user:

  1. Go to System settings > Resources > Users and Groups and click the Edit/pencil icon before the selected user profile image, opening a user profile dialog.


2. Click the Edit user roles button in the lower-left corner, opening a new window.


3. In the new window, select the role from the Roles drop-down menu and click Add.



To Add user access to a project, go to the selected  Projects page Team Add user access.


Which will open the Add user access to project dialog, enabling you to choose and add a User to the project, using the drop-down menus.


Once the user(s) is added, the Project access view displays which user(s) have access to the project.


Removing users from a Private Project

When access to a project is no longer required for a user, it can be removed.

Remove access with the Remove user access button found above the list of users or to the left of the user.



Tip: You can turn off private access at any time, which will allow access for all users with roles valid on all open projects.


The Project access page is visible for projects with both private and open access. It can be used to grant or revoke user access to the project.
If a project has open access and the user in question has a role valid for all open projects, then you cannot remove their access.


Important project permissions:

  • Manage user access to project - This role permission controls whether or not a user can give access to other users on a project.

  • Update project - This role permission controls whether or not a user can update a project.


  • You can access these role settings from the System settings > Security > Roles page.

Please note:

  • Please be aware that global API keys will not have access to private projects automatically. After creating a private project, the API key must be awarded access to the project from System settings.
  • When creating a private project, any User(s), including Administrators, need to be added explicitly. 
  • Users cannot be granted access to private projects using roles with assignee type, such as the Restricted User role.


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