Using Lists

When data grows, it becomes important to group things together. ftrack uses the concept of Lists to group items of the same type.

A list can contain asset versions or objects. It has a type, an owner, and can either be open or closed.

While list categories are global, a list itself is specific to a project and cannot be shared between projects.

Example usage:

Trailer shots

A project you are managing has a trailer you need to deliver shots to. For easy access and convenience, you can add the shots to a Trailer 1 shot list.

  • The Lists on a project are found categorized at the top of the project outliner:


Viewing a list

To view the contents of a list, find the list in the outliner to the left and click to show its contents to the right.

Opening or closing a list

A list can be either open or closed.

  • A Open list means that the list is active and open for submission.

  • A closed list is the opposite, it’s hidden and not meant to be submitted to.

You can change the list from open to closed and vice versa in the sidebar of the list.


Creating a list

To create a new list, go to the Lists page on a project by clicking Lists in the outliner to the left and then clicking the Create button.


This will bring up a dialog with different settings:


Required information:

  • Name - Name of the list, used in menus.
  • Open - If the list is open or closed.
  • Category - Category of the list.
  • Accepts - Type of objects accepted in the list.

[The dialog might also contain fields for Custom attributes]


Enter the information and click Create when you’re done.

Creating a list from the selection

To add a list from a selection in a spreadsheet, select one or more items in a spreadsheet and then right-click and select Lists  > Create from selected.


Editing a list

To edit a list, go to the Lists page on the project by clicking Lists in the outliner to the left.

Find the list and click the Edit icon to open the Edit dialog.


  • The Edit dialog is the same as the Create dialog, but pre-entered with the values of the list you want to edit.


Deleting a list

To delete a list, go to the Lists page on the project by clicking Lists in the outliner to the left.

Find the list and click the Delete icon. 


This will bring up a confirmation dialog.


Please note: When deleting a list, you only delete the list itself, not the items on it.


Adding or removing items

To add items to a list or remove items from a list, go to a spreadsheet and select item(s). Right-click on the selected items and select Lists > Add selected to [ List category ] [ Name of the list ] to add the items to the selected list, or Lists > Remove selected from [ List category ] [ Name of the list ] to remove the items from the selected list.



Moving items between lists

Moving items between lists is similar to adding or removing items. Right-click on the selected item(s) and select Lists > Move selected to [ List category ] [ Name of the list ] to move them to the selected list.

Adding custom attributes to lists

Custom attributes can be added to lists, and those can be used as any other attributes.

A custom attribute can be added via System settings > Workflow > Custom attributes > Create.


Make sure to select List in the Add to box when creating an attribute to make it show up in the Lists toolbar.



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