Using Views

How a spreadsheet is sorted, grouped, and filtered is also saved in the view.

Saving a view

To save a view, change the spreadsheet the way you like, click the Views button, and then select Save or Save as.


Managing views

The Manage views dialog is where you can rename and remove your saved views.

To open the dialog, click the Views button and select Manage views.



Image: Manage views dialog window

Renaming a view

To rename an existing view, open the Manage views dialog and select the view you want to rename. Enter a new name and click Save.


Tip: For more effective view management, you can categorize views into subfolders by using specific naming conventions. To achieve this, name your view using the pattern SUBMENU>VIEWNAME. Doing so will cause the view to appear under the submenu you have selected.


Image: Example of the usage of subfolders in Views.


Sharing views

A view can be saved as a shared view which means that you can share your view settings with other users. Upon saving the view, you can select to share it with all users or only specific users.

Follow these steps to save a view as a shared view:

  1. Click the Views button in the toolbar and select Manage views in the menu.

  2. Select the view you want to share in the dialog.

  3. Click the Share with everyone checkbox to share the view with all users, or select users in the Share with a drop-down to only share the view with the selected users.



Please note: Changes to the name and sharing settings will be saved when you click the Save button. The remove and default actions are applied immediately after confirmation.


Setting a view as the default view

The default view is presented at the top of the views menu.

It can be any of the following:

  1. The built-in default view is provided with ftrack.

  2. A global default view.

  3. A project default view is configured for a particular project.


A view can be saved as global default or project default from the Manage views dialog.


Please note: Saving a default view always creates a copy of the view you have selected.

The ability to change the default views is based on the Can save a view as global default and Can save a view as project default permissions.


Changing a view

To change the settings of a view, first, make it active by selecting the view in the Views menu. Change the spreadsheet as you like, click the Views button, and then select Save. The view is now saved with your new configuration.

Removing a view

To remove a view, open the Manage views dialog, select the view you want to remove, and click Remove view.


Switching views

To switch between views, click the Views button and select the view you want to switch to. The View drop-down shows all your saved views for the spreadsheet you are looking at.





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