Intermediate: Integrating using Actions

Actions in ftrack provide a standardized way to integrate other tools, either off-the-shelf or custom-built, directly into your ftrack workflow.

Using actions, you can, for example, launch applications for a task you are working on, generate a custom report, or generate all your filesystem structure for a project with one click.

One of the great aspects of actions is that they can understand your context, so rather than displaying endless lists of every action possible, it becomes possible to instead just show the actions relevant to you and your current context.

Launching Actions

Actions can be started directly from the ftrack web interface by clicking the Actions button wherever it appears (in the Sidebar and context menus, for example).

  • When you open actions, a window will appear, and actions relevant to you and your current context will load.


If no actions are displayed, make sure you have ftrack connect installed and running on your computer and that you are logged in as the same user in both connect and the web interface.

For custom actions, make sure they are running and configured properly.

Once the actions have loaded, simply click the action that you want to launch. After the action has started, the actions dialog will close. If any errors occur while launching your chosen action, they will be displayed in the notification bar.

Please note: Actions with the same label that also specify a variant are grouped together under the same label and icon.



Adding new Actions

The list of actions that are listed in the interface are discovered using an event, All subscribers of the event respond with available actions, and these are displayed in the interface.

The list of actions that are displayed by Connect can be modified by altering the default hook. It provides a flexible way of altering the list of actions.

Developing your own Action

Learn more about developing your own Actions in our Developing for ftrack section.

Tip: Read more about Actions, here.


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